We offer a full-service experience to our clients and this is our approach to software and application development.

Here at Swastik IT, we understand that an idea needs to be protected and its value kept intact. After all, what would we develop if there were no ideas! So even before we talk to you about your requirements, we ensure that an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is put in place to protect your asset from the very first day.

Once your asset is secured, our experienced project managers will work with you first to identify the key goals and requirements of your application. These will be further developed into an implementable idea, taking into consideration your guidelines and key performance indicators. We would also let you know about the platform limitations and technical feasibility.

The idea is then refined and prototyped to hand over to our designers. We ensure that any brand identity and values are retained throughout the design process, and your aesthetic requirements are met to the fullest extent.

Once the design is finalized, our team of programmers and technical experts take over and convert that prototype into a fully functioning application.

But we don't just stop here. The product is tested, signed-off and then deployed. We provide you with statistical data and analytics on usage, downloads and other reporting if required. We think that the post-deployment process is as important as the creation of the application itself.

Whether itís an "on the go" app, custom-designed for your business, or a "light-bulb moment" idea you would like to market, we can develop, test, and deliver whatever you have got in mind.

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"Swastik IT is a company comprised of hard working and very dedicated programmers who work fast and efficiently.
They get the job done fast and always listen to the client. The client always comes first and foremost. Their exceptional customer service has made doing business between IT people and non-IT structures.
When dealing with International companies the issue of communication and understanding is foremost the important factor in getting the job done correctly and as desired. Swastik IT has been able to understand the needs of the client and been able to translate to provide a successful and complete product.
This happens rarely and is to be appreciated."